As many local residents will be aware there is a proposal from a company called Cornerstone to build a 20m high mobile phone mast on local Metropolitan Open Land. The proposed mast is intended to be built on a corner of the Hornsey Cricket Club playing field adjacent to the swimming pool lido.  This will be a highly visible development that will have a significant and adverse impact on the openness of this valuable protected space.

The recent government planning guidance (December 2022) state that masts up to 30 meters height no longer need full planning permission, but they do need a ‘prior consent’ from the Council which in turn has to consult residents (See more here >>). As a group dedicated to protecting open space in Crouch End we oppose such a development and urge local residents  and Haringey Council to reject the proposal.

Whilst we have sent letters to councillors and the company making the proposal we encourage anybody concerned about protecting Metropolitan Open Land to make their own submissions (by 27th February and quoting cell number CTIL_306469 00) – The number of objections is a consideration when council officers determine the outcome of an application. Relevant contacts below :

Peter Maynard (Walden Telecom Ltd on behalf of Cornerstone):

Lester Buxton:

Luke Cawley-Harrison:

Cressida Johnson:

Catherine West:

The local residents association GMTRA is also objecting to this proposal you can read more here >>

SOSN8 Letter To Councillors And Cornerstone

Dear Mr Maynard

Re: Proposed mast ref CTIL_306469

I am sure you have by now received numerous responses to your circular letter summarising your proposals to erect a 20m high mast at Hornsey Cricket Club’s ground. I know that the local residents’ association will be writing summarising the views of the wider community. I am writing as the chair of SaveOurSpaceN8, a group of local residents who are particularly concerned with the protection of the Metropolitan Open Land of which the cricket ground forms part.

We are concerned and dismayed at the nature of your plans. It is perhaps in the nature of such infrastructure that it is highly visible, but if so it would seem to be incumbent on those developing it to seek out ‘brownfield’, built-up sites, of which there is no shortage in north London. To place a mast of this size and its ancillary equipment on what is a scarce and highly valued open space where it will literally tower over the local community seems at best ill-considered. On behalf of our residents I urge you to withdraw these proposals now.

I am copying this letter to our local councillors and MP so that they are aware of the strength of local feeling on the matter.

Yours sincerely

Simon Garrill