Help us protect open space in Crouch End

Save Our Space N8 is a group made up of local residents who oppose Hornsey Cricket Club’s Plans to build on precious Metropolitan Open Land.


Image taken from The Hornsey Club Pre-Application 02 Design Document, presented to local residents 17th May 2022


  • Hornsey Cricket club are seeking planning permission to build a large multipurpose sports centre at the end of Tivoli Road, in close proximity to View Crescent. Built on Metropolitan Open land (MOL), the large structure will completely change the nature of the road and vastly increase traffic in an already congested residential road.
  • The building has a total footprint of 989 sq.m and is 35.3 m long and at its widest point 36.8 m wide. Dominating the skyline, and with a height of over 9m (the existing height of the houses in View Crescent). To facilitate this unwelcome new neighbour the club proposes to demolish the existing garages and tennis courts, extend the car park, and add new lighting, all on precious metropolitan open land.
  • Any approval of Hornsey Cricket Club’s plans would therefore set a dangerous precedent for other large building construction in these valuable open spaces.



  • Seeking a planning expert to help residents present their case

  • Pressing The Hornsey Club to keep local residents updated on their deliberations with the council

  • Seeking support from local councillors

  • Keeping local residents updated via this web site, meetings and email (sign up below to get newsletter.)

  • Seeking further information on the impact of extra traffic, water and drains usage on local residents

  • Seeking recruits from other local residents to join and support our campaign

We are just at the beginning of this campaign so some information is currently limited however we will share more as it becomes available


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