Many of you will recall the open meeting held by Hornsey Cricket Club in May 2022 which was their first and last attempt to engage with local residents. Despite the assurances of community engagement given at the meeting subsequent efforts to get further details or establish a dialogue seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

The Threat To MOL Continues

We continues to press the club for more details on their intentions and they are clearly still keen to proceed with the development. Latest information from the Club’s secretary responding to our emails has now confirmed that they plan to appoint ‘additional specialist consultants’ in order to help develop their planning application. One of these will be a ‘community engagement specialist’ who will help to ‘facilitate further conversations with local residents as well as other key stakeholders.’ We look forward to hearing more about this, but meanwhile will continue to press the club’s officers (who are responsible for the project) for details of their plans and timescales. We will also urge them to engage honestly and directly with local residents’ concerns.

Additional Concerns For Residents

Whilst construction on protected metropolitan open land is a main concern; building this substantial sports hall raises many other issues for residents that also need to be addressed by the club. Substantial spending on a large project like this will require a steady stream of paying users to generate income. These extra visitors will cause increased usage on the surrounding roads with the inevitable increase in traffic, causing congestion, pollution and further pressure on local parking. These extra users, needed to support the required revenue will also need extended hours adding unwanted noise and light pollution to the list.

We Are Keeping A Watchful Eye

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