Since the last update at the end of April efforts to obtain further information about the Club’s plans have continued, but to little avail. The Club has confirmed that they are still exploring the development of a cricket and multi-use sports building on the site of the tennis courts at the end of Tivoli Road and have said that they intend to employ paid consultants to improve progress.

Our requests for further details as to the proposal or the anticipated timescales have met with no response. We will continue to urge the Club to engage meaningfully with the local community in developing their plans and will ourselves continue to prepare to respond to any formal planning proposal which is submitted.

Meanwhile the Club’s efforts to raise funds have resulted in the erection of padel courts on the tennis courts, effectively preventing their use for tennis. The Crouch End Tennis Academy which has for many years provided coaching and encouragement for many local children has been a casualty of this project and many local families have been disappointed by the loss of the summer school programme.