Although summer is behind us, Hornsey Cricket Club’s plan to build a new Sports Hall on the site of the existing tennis courts – on Metropolitan Open Land – has not gone away.  Haringey Council has not ruled out granting permission to a sports hall development.

Getting Professional Advice

Any approval of Hornsey Cricket Club’s plans would set a dangerous precedent  for allowing other large building construction in the protected Crouch End Playing Fields and Open Spaces.  The Save our Space N8 campaign group believes that if a planning application is made, opposing it requires expert planning advice, especially on the principle of defending Metropolitan Open Land.  Given the short timeframe from any planning notice to objection deadline, once we get any notice the planning expert would need immediate instruction.

Fundraising Is Needed

Save our Space N8 will shortly be fundraising, and is establishing a Steering Committee – new members are welcome to join it.  The fundraising is needed to have the funds ready to instruct a planning adviser if an application is made by Hornsey Cricket Club.  The Steering Committee will safeguard the fundraising, as well as co-ordinate the actions of the Save our Space N8 group.   The initial Steering Committee members are:

  • Simon Garrill (Tivoli Rd.) – Chairperson
  • Julie Schwarz (Glasslyn Rd.) – Treasurer
  • Veronica Flavell (Glasslyn Rd.) – Events Secretary
  • David Donnelly (Glasslyn Rd.) – Secretary

If you are interested in being a member of the Steering Committee, please contact  as soon as possible, preferably by 10 November.